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Welcome Home! Over 50% of Ollie residents are from outside the US

Did you know? Ollie has its own blog, Hunter Green! Check it out for neighborhood tips, ideas for smarter living, and more.

Join the Club! Receive a complimentary membership to Ollie Social, where you can balance our happy hours and cooking demos with fitness classes – burn an average of 21,600 calories in one year!

Did we just become best friends!? We put the “co” in coliving. It’s so important, we created Bedvetter, the premier site to partnering up with a great roommate.

Calculating… Fully furnished rooms include weekly cleanings w/ fresh linens. And don’t forget the free wifi, TV, gym and more. - $500 Average Savings

What is Coliving

The 4 Co's of Coliving

Convenience, Comfort, Community, and Cost Savings


Living at Ollie means that your apartment is move-in ready. As an Ollie resident, you'll have access to a host of conveniences that will make you feel right at home starting on move-in day.

  • Fully-furnished
  • Cable and WiFi
  • Weekly tidy ups
  • Weekly linens replacement
  • Weekly bath amenity refills
  • Welcome kit of necessities


Designed with comfort in mind, residents have access to an ever-expanding network of play spaces nationwide - think cafes, fitness centers, rooftop lounges, and more.


Your social circle is about to get bigger. Residents receive complimentary Ollie Social memberships, providing access to weeknight gatherings and weekend getaways in and around your city.

  • Ollie Social: Winter Fun Included

    Get Togethers Included

    Fill your weekdays with fun events including karaoke nights, sushi-making classes, and rock climbing challenges.

  • Sang Lee Farm Field Trip

    Getaways Included

    Your weekends are planned with unique field trips that get you out of the city and into nature.

  • Best of 2018!

    Community Included

    Regular events and activities means endless opportunities to get to know your neighbors and expand your community.

Cost Savings

Ollie creates more ways to save. Don't like paying for space you don't need? Try one of our intelligently-designed, award-winning micro homes, or choose to share your space...and the rent. Hidden living expenses? Not in our house. Select from our all inclusive options and save even more.

Craigslist Room Traditional Studio
Monthly Rent $1,500 $1,500 $2,500
Multifunctional Furniture Included $250 $250
Weekly Cleaning Included $200 $200
Linen & Towel Service Included $20 $20
Premium TV Included $35 $70
High-speed Wifi (330 Mbps) Included $30 $40
Social Club & Community Events Included $50 $50
Gym Included $25 $25
Total $1,500 $2,110 $3,155
Monthly Rent $999 $750 $1,500
Multifunctional Furniture Included $250 $250
Weekly Cleaning Included $200 $200
Linen & Towel Service Included $20 $20
Premium TV Included $35 $70
High-speed Wifi (330 Mbps) Included $30 $40
Social Club & Community Events Included $50 $50
Gym Included $25 $25
Total $999 $1,360 $2,155

Is Coliving for you?

What is Ollie?

Ollie is a next generation property operations management company. Leveraging data, technology, and a deep understanding of today’s customer, Ollie delivers Convenience, Comfort, Community, and Cost Savings for our residents and guests and enhanced financial returns and exceptional service for our real estate partners.

Where is Ollie located?

We currently have buildings open in Manhattan, Long Island City, Queens, and Pittsburgh. Be sure to join our newsletter to stay updated on where Ollie opens next!

What’s included in an Ollie unit?

Furnishings and services will vary depending on the home you choose. Your unit may be furnished with bespoke pieces designed to fit the space, and receive complimentary services like regular tidy ups, and cable and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Check out the property’s page and floor plans to see what exactly is included in each unit.

How often will my unit be cleaned?

Depending on the building, tidy ups will be either weekly or bi-weekly. This will be clarified in your lease agreement – check with your Hospitality Team for the hospitality services available in your building.

What’s included in the tidy up?

Depending on the building, housekeeping service includes wiping all surfaces, sweeping and mopping the floors, and collecting garbage. In some buildings, bath amenity refills and linen changes are included in the weekly housekeeping visits; in others, they may be available as add-ons for an additional fee.

What is Ollie Social?

Ollie Social is our social membership club, rooted in our values of Inclusiveness, Wellness, Sustainability, and Discovery. Ollie Social is free of charge for Ollie residents, and open to non-residents to join for a monthly or annual fee. Learn more here.

What is Bedvetter?

Bedvetter is an intelligent, preferences-based roommate-matching platform. It is a peer-to-peer shared apartment and housing marketplace, making it easier and safer for you to find your place. Head over to this questionnaire to kick things off. 

Where is Bedvetter available?

Currently, only certain Ollie buildings are listed on Bedvetter. However, we’re working to expand our partnership to include more cities and buildings soon, and bring safer roommate-matching experiences to more of our Ollie community.

What types of events will I have access to?

Weekly events and experiences include mixers, fitness classes, communal dinners, workshops, and urban excursions. Weekend events and experiences include getaways, film screenings, theater and entertainment events, and more. Many Ollie Social events are free for residents to attend, but we’ll always let you know if there’s a fee associated with attending an event. Additionally, each event has an associated guest fee if you’d like to bring a non-resident.

What does the Ollie Social schedule look like?

The schedule on Ollie Social’s website and the member dashboard is kept up to date with events that are available to members. In a typical month, programming will include at least one event per week and one weekend experience per quarter. All of Ollie Social’s programming provides opportunities for members to meet new people, establish a sense of community, and take part in experiences they might not do on their own.


We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about living at Ollie.