Be Well: Sweet Dreams

Five things you can do to improve your sleep

Because you need your rest to be your best. Sleep is important for your overall quality of life. Dream Big.

1. Sleep Masks

Improve your sleep routine with the addition of a sleep mask. After the sun goes down, your body naturally produces melatonin. Humans have been hard-wired to sleep at night and have more success producing melatonin with the absence of light. Set yourself up for success and limit light exposure at night to enhance your sleep experience.

2. Sound Machine or App

A white noise machine or app can emit gentle sounds and drown out noise to help you sleep better. The soothing addition of white noise can also aid you in falling back asleep faster after being disrupted by unwanted noise.

3. Morrow Soft Goods and Eight Sleep

Daily sleep allows your body to repair and maintain optimal health and vitality. Invest in the highest quality mattress and linens that you can afford. Honor the bed that supports you while you sleep.

4. At Aroma or Emoi

Aromatherapy scents have the ability to instantly evoke emotions, mood, and memories through our nervous system. By using essential oils, you can help bring yourself to a more relaxed and calm state of mind.

5. Teapot and Chamomile Tea

Taking a moment to stew a pot of your favorite nighttime tea blend may help aid your sleep and digestion. Sitting with a warm cup of tea can be a meaningful act towards slowing down and creating some time for reflection and intentionality in your nighttime practice.