Spotlight: Graf Lantz

A love story in felt

Graf Lantz’s modern shapes and designs create a stage for their unassuming materials to shine. We especially love their focus on sustainable and long-lasting materials that are made to get better with age.

The felt that Graf Lantz uses is 100% merino wool. It is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable material that is also chemical and cruelty free. Merino fibers are very thin (think soft and springy) while the felting process makes it incredibly strong and stain resistant.

Their timeless home goods and accessories make it easy to incorporate felt into your every day. Below is a short list of some of our favorites:

  • 1. Business Card Holders

    We are proud to carry co-branded card holders – we get so many compliments on these, and we love that we can literally align ourselves with a company such as Graf + Lantz.

  • 2. Coasters + Placemats + trivets

    In a minimal space, it can be easy to be surrounded by a multitude of hard surfaces. We love to break it up (and protect said surfaces) with coasters, placemats and trivets.  

  • 3. Laptop Case

    The perfect protection – so slim it slips easily into any bag, but also beautiful enough to carry by hand. Their 5mm felt protects not only from scratches but also from any bumps.

  • 4. Leather Vases

    Who knew leather would be the perfect complement to florals? Layer multiple vases in different sizes to create dimension.

  • 5. Carry-All

    Whether it's used as a daily commuter bag, or as an overnight bag for a weekend escape, it's the perfect multipurpose bag.

  • 6. Storage Bins

    Great for tucking away all of those small extra items that have no home.

  • 7. Felt + Leather Trays

    Pops of color make organization fun! We love that the different size trays can stack within each other for even more storage options.