Round Up: Work Well

Set yourself us for success

Stylish and functional work products to enhance your everyday life. Because everyday counts.

1. George and Willy Studio Roller
Get creative and stay organized with this fun roller. Interactive, great for roommating and capturing your best ideas!

2. Graf Lantz Tech Case
A stylish and functional computer case. Perfect for your MacBook Pro 15″.
3. KreaFunk Headphones
A great escape! Block out sound as you get lost in your favorite podcast or soundtrack while cranking out schoolwork.

4. Moleskine Smart Writing Set
Increase your creativity with analog and digital tools.
5. Ipizi Readers
Stylish reading glasses for the book-savvy student.
6. Utility Canvas Zip Clutch
Brighten your day with this all-purpose zip clutch. Perfect for transporting your everyday items.

7. Linus Hampton Ruc Sac
Designed for grab and go situations, this bag is both good looking and practical.

8. W&P Porter Set
A sleek take on to-go containers. Perfect for the student lifestyle while saving on single-use plastics.

9. Apple Mophie Power Station
A reliable external battery that has you covered in a pinch.
11. Braun Calculator
This calculator is the perfect addition to your desktop.
12. Most Modest
Get organized with this fashionable storage and carry all. Bound for success!