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Welcome Home! Over 50% of Ollie residents are from outside the US

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Our Story

Our Founders

Ollie co-founders Andrew and Chris Bledsoe share an unbreakable bond. Before they were business partners, they were each other’s first roommates, spending their days building Lego masterpieces from the comfort of their Star Wars bed tents.

By high school, Andrew had asserted his independence and commandeered the home office as his own room, while Chris headed off to college.

But the bond of first-roommates is not easily broken.

And, just five years later they were reunited – this time in The Big Apple, where they were briefly roommates once again, though Andrew quickly traded Chris’ couch for a 1-bedroom apartment in the Financial District. With the help of a pressurized wall system, he reconfigured the unit to accommodate two additional rooms and advertised on Craigslist. The responses poured in — nearly 90 replies in two days. Either word had spread like wildfire that Andrew was a great roommate or a heck of a lot of people needed an entirely different way to live.

Nights and weekends in the years ahead were spent combing countless pages of zoning text and building code, gaining an informal education in real estate from industry mentors, and eventually meeting with the NYC Department of Buildings, whose formal clearance would pave the way for their next move.

So Ollie came to be – providing efficiently designed studios and shared suites wrapped in a bundle of hotel-like services and communal living that promises to make life better — more affordable, more convenient, and more fun — than Craigslist and the pressurized walls of yesteryear.

Our Mission

Ollie’s mission is to humanize, elevate, and simplify the housing experience. To do this, we’ve created a product where people’s needs are fulfilled, allowing them to do more with their lives.

Our Values

  • DISCOVERY We dream big. We do the small tasks. We remain inspired by the human spirit, limitless in its thirst for learning and discovery. Where today’s journey ends, tomorrow’s adventure begins—we’re always in forward motion, pursuing our passions and igniting imaginations.

  • wellness We pursue healthy minds, bodies and souls—and on our best days, we meet our goals. We gravitate towards positive ideas, healthy ingredients and active lifestyles. Grounded in strong bodies and clear minds, we find our inner voice and confidently share it with the world through words and actions consistent with a vision for our best selves.

  • SUSTAINABILITY We are all connected by our environment, consumers of the Earth’s magnificent but limited resources. At Ollie, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by living a life edited, where success is measured not by how much we can grab but by the richness of our relationships and shared experiences.

  • INCLUSIVENESS We embrace humanity in its entirety, celebrating our differences, uniqueness and individuality. Citizens of the World, neighbors near and far, we are connected by a bond stronger than race, religion, gender, age, sexuality, ability or socioeconomic status.