Ollie’s West Coast Expansion

We are opening two multifamily assets in Los Angeles and San Francisco!

May 19, 2020

Ollie is excited to announce our expansion into California with two new projects. We have entered into agreements for two multifamily assets consisting of over 500 bedrooms, one in Los Angeles scheduled to open in 2020 and another in the San Francisco Bay Area scheduled to open in 2023.

Following the change in leadership announced earlier this year, we have focused our growth on key markets to create a more long-term and sustainable business model. As a result, Ollie has been directly targeting Los Angeles and the Bay Area and we expect to grow significantly in both markets over the next few years.

Since January 2020, Ollie’s President, Gregg Christiansen, has led this strategic repositioning and guided our response to COVID-19. Ollie benefits from Mr. Christiansen’s extensive background in private equity, real estate investments, and real estate operations, specializing in high-touch management services.

Additionally, we are strategizing with new partners to find creative solutions in turn-around, value-add, distressed, and COVID-19 impacted properties, leveraging Ollie’s thought leadership in providing design and tech-enabled management services that are needed during these challenging times. 

Edward Casal, Chairman of Ollie’s Board of Directors commented: “Gregg’s proven track record of strong leadership and deep industry experience is well-positioned for Ollie’s future growth, and we’re excited to work closely with him and the rest of the Ollie team.”

About Ollie

Ollie is a leading housing solutions platform. In partnership with institutional real estate investors and developers, Ollie revolutionizes the living experience for renters through an “inclusive living” experience that combines thoughtfully appointed furnished studios and suites with extraordinary lifestyle-relevant services and unique community engagement activities. Ollie manages 7 properties, representing over 1,500 bedrooms across 5 metro areas (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Pittsburgh).  For more information, visit www.ollie.co.


Ryan Murphy | ryan@ollie.co