Be Well: Best Roommate Tips

Lay down roots and grow your garden together

Thoughtful things to consider when you are a roommate.

Be mindful of your roommate’s schedule and your volume levels with regard to your television, music, phone conversations, and guest visits.
Keep tidy and clean – especially in the bathroom and kitchen, which are most commonly shared.
Get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Understanding your roommate’s needs will set your home up for success. Prioritize what matters to you most as a household.
Create systems that your household can agree on to hold each other accountable for wellness in your home. Patience goes a long way, but systems help set parameters that everyone can feel good about.
Remember that everyone needs space sometimes. It’s not personal if someone needs to retreat and reflect. Make sure to regularly carve out space to replenish and reset your jets. If everyone is nurturing their own needs, the garden will be that much more beautiful as a whole.