Astrology: Taurus

Strong as a bull

April 21- May 20

Ruled by Venus and symbolized by the Bull, Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Stable, dependable, loyal and wise, Taureans are comfortable in their own skin. They possess the quality of an old soul and make extraordinary family, friends, lovers, and partners. With a keen eye for beauty, they are drawn toward things with modest and classic appeal. They are thrifty, yet manage to create an ambiance of comfort and luxury around them wherever they go. Taureans often indulge in earthly pleasures, yearn to travel, and rarely feel guilty about pampering themselves. Those born under this sign are romantic and seek out meaningful relationships in their lives; they are patient, earnest, loyal, dreamy, sarcastic, intelligent, philosophical, independent, and strong. Taurus is a sign with substance, and Taureans reach their goals with slow and steady determination.

This Month’s Tip:

Grab your inner bull by the horns and use that stubborn determination to complete goals with strength and tenacity. It’s too easy to procrastinate. This is your year to charge forward with gusto. Surprise yourself.