Astrology: Leo

Golden with pride

July 23 – August 22

Ruled by the Sun and symbolized by the Lion, Leo is a fixed fire sign. Also known as the sun of the zodiac, Leos exude tremendous warmth and generosity of spirit. Charismatic, they attract many admirers with their youthful, flirtatious, and playful charm. Those born under this sign have a commanding presence and often find themselves in high or powerful positions. Creating opportunities to shine, the decadent, glamorous, and indulgent Leos enjoy life’s fine luxuries. Stylish and well dressed, Leos are impeccably groomed. Building home and family is very important to them. They are ambitious, philosophical, intelligent, protective, caring, and self-possessed individuals. Both radiant and enthusiastic, Leos strive to be best in show. With their abundant optimism and fiery sense of self, Leos can be captivating and accomplish what they set out to.

This Month’s Tip:

It’s time to shine brighter than ever before. Leo’s are known for stealing the spotlight. Don’t mind that sentiment. Own your power this year and express your truest self. Get wild and let your mane down.