Astrology: Cancer

Soft on the inside

June 21 – July 22

Ruled by the Moon and symbolized by the Crab, Cancer is a Cardinal water sign. Governed both by the element of water and the cycles of the moon, Cancerians are no strangers to experiencing depth of emotion and inner awareness. Sensitive, psychic, and tuned in, those born under this sign absorb and internalize their surroundings. Also known as the Mother of the zodiac, Cancerians seek to care for others. Needing comfort themselves, Cancerians are well known for their ability to nest and make home their haven. They thrive when they have a strong family and network of friends. Cancerians captivate others with their tender, mysterious, creative, protective, dreamy, and romantic nature. Using their charm and many talents, Cancerians reach their goals by taking one step backward and three steps forward.

This Month’s Tip:

This is your year to come out of your shell. Channel that creativity into unlocking your inner desires. It’s time to put yourself first. Remember that crabs take one step backwards, two steps forward. Pinch yourself.